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Become a Model or Ambassador

Become a Model or Ambassador and receive access to up to 50% discounts, free products, and first to receive new products!

  • To be a model: All we ask is that you take a photo of yourself wearing your free product OR you holding your product when you receive it, and we will feature your pic on our social media outlets!
  • To be an ambassador: You do not need to take photos, but you're welcome to do so. We just ask that you share our products and discount offers to your friends on social media!
  • In the form below, please briefly explain why we should pick you to become a model or ambassador.
  • Include your Instagram account to stay in touch.
  • We will notify you ASAP
  • Please note: By becoming a model or an ambassador, we will use your photos of you wearing our products and post them on our website and social media outlets, gaining you some sexy exposure! 💖

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